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Bling-ing For Crypto: Playing While Earning

Bling Financial Games Rewards You In Crypto

Bling-ing For Crypto: Playing While Earning

Want to play games that extremely fun to play and be able to receive cryptocurrency for free without using your own money? Bling Financial has developed several fun mobile games that allow you to earn cryptocurrency while playing games. Your coins are converted to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, with a Coinbase Account.

Bling is showing us the future of gaming for money

Bling Financial has created an impressive selection of games that provide you with a great deal of fun. There are currently 8 games you can play, but I will focus on 4 games that will seem most familiar.

Bitcoin Sudoku: A Card Game

Bitcoin Sudoku

Despite the difficulty, this puzzle game is still fun to play. As with other Sudoku games, the game is based on the Sudoku concept, but has smoother game play that is much more enjoyable than other variants. When you start a new game, you are presented with four difficulty options: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

You are given some helpful tools below the game board: Undo, Erase, Hint, and Note. Undo is obvious. To roll back to redo your game play, just hit the Undo button to try again. Erase, another obvious option. If you wish to remove a number from the board after entering it, click Erase. Hint, will allow you to fill in a selected blank space to get you unstuck, unfortunately it’s limited to 3 uses. Finally, you can use the Note feature to place a small number in the empty field, like a small Post-It note, to help you find the remaining squares.

Bitcoin Solitaire: A Card Game

Bitcoin Solitaire

Card games are thrilling in and of themselves, but adding Bitcoin to the mix makes them even more exciting. This is a perfect example of Solitaire with the graphics being top notch and smoothly rendered. With the smooth graphics and sounds, Solitaire fans won't be disappointed with the enjoyment this game provides. And as the title of this article states, with the added bonus of crypto, you can actually earn by playing.

Sweet Bitcoin: A Puzzle Game

Bitcoin Sweet

In the same way that Candy Crush will feel familiar and enjoyable to you, Sweet Bitcoin will too. There is a lot of professionalism in the design and graphics of this puzzle game. Although ads are displayed between games, they are not so intrusive that you cannot enjoy the game. You'll be entertained for as long as you'd like to play this energetic version of Tic-Tac-Toe!

Sweet Bitcoin is a fun game you can play and cash out with REAL Bitcoin! Earn as many Bling Points as you can and exchange them for Bitcoin when you're ready... that's it! The process is so simple, without having to memorize long cryptocurrency addresses!

Bitcoin Pop: A Shooter Game

Bitcoin Pop

This is an awesome bubble shooter game that will earn you crypto. The objective of the game is to connect three or more bubbles of the same color. You will be able to clear those bubbles off the board when you are successful. This is one of those games that can make you forget about time, but without being overly time consuming. POP, POP, POP...all day long!

The remaining games are Ethereum Blast, Word Breeze, Bitcoin Blocks, Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Food Fight. They are all enjoyable, but these games are similar to popular ones that mobile gamers would enjoy and recognize.

Play Games That Are Fun And Get Paid In Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency's growing interest in today's economy is something you can't ignore. The market has shown some volatility, but still can't deny its potential growth. Remember, in 2011, Bitcoin was worth just 0.01¢! a growth rate of over 6,000,000%! Make sure you login to your account so all your coins can be claimed at ounce.


I play these games whenever I'm bored or just have that extra free time. The games can be addictive, but they are so fun that they don’t give you a feeling of tedious play. And of course there’s the added bonus that these games help you Bling Points that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency without the need to mine with expensive GPU rigs.

The only requirement is that you register and login before playing. No tricks or hoops to jump through to receive your Bitcoin. This makes generating crypto fun.

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