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The Truth About Truth Social

The rise and fall of a social media platform

The Truth About Truth Social

Donald Trump…a name that can erupt so much emotion from both supporters and non-supporters alike, has a social media platform, Truth Social, which has seen better days. The social media platform came into existence after Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter in 2021. This action was taken against him after the United States Capitol attack back in 2021. Currently Truth Social is going through some financial issues as a direct result of Donald Trump’s legal problems and mismanagement. The current information points to unpaid bills with the social site’s hosting service. This has always been a recurring theme when it comes to Donald Trump. He has been accused of not paying his bills and has even bragged about it as well. But this latest unpaid bill, could possibly take down Truth Social permanently.

Exposing The Truth
Truth Social came into existence on February 16th, 2022, after Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter in 2021. This action was taken against him after the United States Capitol attack back in 2021. It was obviously modeled after Twitter, but it has nothing close to its performance or management. Accusation of censorship has also plagued the platform. Just this past June, accounts that clearly supported the January 6 Hearings, were banded by the platform. Many other progressive views have sparked the platform to take similar actions against users which contradicts the platform’s mission statement about unbiased, free speech environment.

Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

Notwithstanding its latest problem, Truth Social has had problems with its operations since its beginning. At one point, it was almost impossible to signup for the new social media network. Trying to signup would instantly put you on a waitlist while they tried to develop their platform. Outages were continuous plague that made the platform annoying to use. Poor performance made it difficult for users to fully enjoy or use.

Popularity Is the Name of the Game

Social Media Life
Once you’ve managed to create an account, you would find hardly anything of significance since it had so few members in the beginning. Initially, there were only 500 users, which later increased to half a million. Many of you may be surprised to find out that it actually sat at the top on Apple’s App Store as the Number 1 downloaded app. This was a great accomplishment, but usage of the app was always a problem, which dropped almost immediately following this achievement. Daily usage dropped from 6 million to around 2 million in a matter of weeks. OUCH! That’s not how you’d want your social media platform to perform. I mean, fluctuation in usage is to be expected, but that’s horrendous. MySpace has been off people’s radar for a while now, but they have a monthly performance of about 50 million active users per month. Comparing number of users is laughable since Truth Social never achieve even 1 million active users.


With a very shaky start, Truth Social has risen and fallen in a span of just weeks with no solid future to hold onto. Its stock offering has dropped more than 60% during this rough ride. Many financial analyses have little hope for the platform. and with Donald Trump’s impending legal problems, you might want to stay with Twitter.

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