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The Drones Have Invaded<

Get out there and enjoy the invasion

The Drones Have Invaded<

Doing a simple search about drones, results in a dizzying number of sites that provides you with listings of “Best Of” sites but nothing that’s informative about drones’ usage. A full understanding on whether, or not, a drone is something you would like to add to your mobile life is left out. Variation of drone types provided by companies and ways to get you to buy them is about all you really get. If you know nothing about them, you feel kind of lost. I’m going to try and narrow down the main features that can help you decide on if you need or want to buy a drone.

A New Perspective of Your World

Drone photography
A drone will deliver a new perspective on the world we live in. It will give you a literal overview of what your small corner of the world looks like from above. Seeing the world above the trees can make even the dullest neighborhoods seem impressive. The many uses for a drone make it a very dynamic, entertaining device to use. The immense number of different uses for a drone is greater than I am capable of listing, and of course there are some uses, that a drone might be perfect for that I can’t think of. Drone Photography, Drone Videography, Drone Disaster Assessment, Drone Topography Mapping, Drone Search and Rescue, delivery service and so on. Most people will choose to use them for {#photography#} or Drone Videography. Usage is pretty straightforward and just requires you to jump right in.

It’s All About Controlling Your Mobile Life

To be honest, finding a use for a drone is very easy. It’s the skill of maneuvering a drone that’s the real challenge. Categorizing yourself as a drone pilot should be your mental goal, so learn the basic parts of your drone. There are so many configurations of drones that it would take too long to write about. Despite the varying types, they tend to have a similar remote-control configuration. Usually, two joysticks. One for the x and y axis. It controls forward, backward and moving side to side. The other is going to be primarily for the z axis. Up, down. Rotate left, rotate right. There might be other control switches available, but the joysticks are always standard.

Most drones are equipped with a camera for viewing wirelessly from either the remote or a smartphone. If yours not equipped with a camera, then it serves no purpose. The camera is the central feature that enhances your mobile lifestyle. You use it as you see fit. The resolution of the drone’s camera can take from just HD to 4K, which will cost you a pretty penny for a 4K drone.

Drone March
To go as fast as possible is what most hobbyists like to do, which you may push to get the fastest drone when you’re choosing your first one. Understand, that even a beginner’s drone can fly at speeds between 10 and 20 mph, mid-ranges go up to 70 mph and top of the line can reach speeds, more than 100+ mph. The current world record, if you’re curious, is the Drone: DRL Racer X. It has a top speed of 179.78 MPH!

So, 10 to 20 mph may not seem fast to you, but if you’re just starting out, it’s more than fast enough, besides, chances are you’re not going to be racing others since drones aren’t going to be everywhere in your day-to-day life.

Other features can be extensive and impressive. For those of you who love posting videos of themselves, some drones can follow without you needing to control it. With a special Learn About GPS tracking device that you wear, the drone will continuously track you and record you as you make your way through whatever adventure that you are on. Nowadays drones come with gimbal and flight balance. They help you maneuver with a little more confidence in case you’re new to drones. And if you are new, I strongly recommend you look for a drone that has propeller protection. Let’s face it, you’re going to crash it once and awhile. Your rotors are the main components that keeps you flying, and they are arguably the most expensive.

The Cost of Mobile Fun

Prices are going to vary drastically depending on features as you may suspect. From $40 to thousands of dollars, it all depends on what features they have. There are entry drones, you can find on Amazon, that cost under $40. Very inexpensive, but if you’re new to drones, they can make for a good starter device to get your feet wet with using drones.

Drones and Mobile Life
A true beginner drone that’s worthwhile is going start at around $100. They tend to have all the basic features that will keep you enjoying it for hours.

A mid-range drone will be in the $150 to $300 range. These are going to be good if you get into competitions, since they will most like have Learn About GPS.

A good professional drone will most likely start out at around $350. You can expect some great features, such as Learn About GPS. They will have high resolution cameras. From 1080p to 2K and up. You will get your money’s worth.

High-end drones have no limit. There’s a drone, the Drone: EHang 184, that costs $300,000! So seriously, there’s no limit on high-end drone prices.

Drones are proving to be a great gadget for entertainment and work. Hopefully this article helped you with your decission of whether or not a drone would be benneficial towards your mobile life.

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