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Great Uses For Your Old Devices

Don't trash it, recycle it

Great Uses For Your Old Devices

Recycling is an important process for saving our planet, but recycling can also help save you money on new devices by repurposing your old ones. We go through a lot more devices now than we've ever have in the past, makes your closet overflowing with old devices that still have some usefulness in them.

Streaming Media Server

Tablets are great tools for your day to day need to access information, playing games and even digital graphics. Once you've upgraded to the latest tablet, your old one is just collecting dust. If you haven't sold it, use it as a media server. Stream your favorite TV show or movies without having to use your smartphone or desktop computer.

This lessens the workload on your smartphone, while saving your battery from an early death. You can even save your videos on the old tablet to free up space on your hard drive.

Digital Camera a.k.a. Webcam

Nowadays, people go straight for their smartphone to take pictures. Digital cameras are still relavent, just that smartphones have come a long way from the days of 480 resolution. Still, an old digital camera can still be of use. Simply turn it into a webcam. A digital camera can be mounted on a tripod and position it anywhere you want.

This handy ability gives you more control over how your videos are made. Even some digital cameras have the feature to connect wirelessly, which would greatly increase its usefulness.

Who Needs An E-Reader?

Digital books, Amazon Kindle, audiobooks and many more reasons people are ditching paper for digital material. The convenience of carrying one device as appose to all your books is exciting! That's why turning your old mobile device, smartphone or tablet, into an E-Reader is a great option. Saving books onto your old tablet will, of course, free more space on your primary device, but will give you a central place to keep all your reading material.

Wireless Remote Control

Controlling another device, remotely, is every gadget nut favorite thing to accomplish. With so many apps out there, this is a lot easier than ever. I've tried a lot of those apps, but the one I've come to love is Unified Remote. It allows you to control your desktop computer, tablet or even another smartphone without being within arms reach of it.

It's a simple server that runs on your target device and a client app that runs on your smartphone or tablet. The app is very robust, allowing you to create a secure connection with password.

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